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Eat at home in April March 29, 2010

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We have once again fallen into repeating a nasty habit.  The eating out habit.  This is one my true vice.  I have such a hard time with this!

So I have decided to face it head on.  I have declared April a “Month of Eating at Home.”  Every meal, from breakfast to dinner, will be eaten at home.  Or at least packed from home.  For all 30 days of April.  All of them.  Wow, this is starting to sound a little intimidating!  This month is also going to help me on the way to finishing goal #61 of my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge.  I love multitasking!

No!  I refuse to be intimidated!  My plan is to put together a meal plan for every week and stick to it.  Normally I will put the plan together, but then I get tired by the end of the day and don’t want to cook what I have planned, so we end up getting take out.  Not only am I putting horrible food in our mouths but I am also wasting money and putting on extra pounds.  Let’s not even talk about the lesson I am teaching the boys!  Actually, maybe we should go there.  Maybe that will give me a bit of added inspiration to get the job done.  No, that’s a topic for another post.

OK, so the plan is to have a plan.  Next is to actually take action on that plan.  I already know that I lose a lot of motivation at the end of the day.  Once 4 o’clock rolls around I have lost all momentum and I am having conversations with myself on how to talk The Mr. into going out.  That’s why the next idea I have is to get as much prepped as I can at lunch time.  I figure I’m already in the kitchen, why not start on dinner? 

Another part of my plan is to research cooking for my freezer.  I want to fill up my freezer with lots of frozen meals that I can take out on the weekends or on those days that are just going to be too busy to do much else.  I want to avoid too many bowls of cereal for dinner if at all possible!

I hope in the next few weeks to report back what I learned, what worked and what didn’t.  Hopefully I will post some recipes as well, so maybe you can get some ideas too!