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Wordless Wednesday – Weed May 6, 2009

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Clearly I need time in the backyard!

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Tackle It Tuesday – The hall counter top May 5, 2009

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Last week I decided to tackle the corner at the top of our stairs.  Mission accomplished!  (Still need to vacuum though!)


This week I am going after the counter top that is in the hall.  It has become a major dumping ground and is completely out of control!  Some of the stuff needs to find a new home in a cabinet, and some needs to just leave the house.  My goal is going to be to get it completely cleaned off and then keep it that way.  The plan is to check it everyday before I go to bed and make sure that it is clear.  I also think I am going to put a couple of framed pictures on it so it’s not just a stark counter top.

So here it is.  This is what it looks like today.  Come back next week to see what it looks like all cleared off!


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